Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello! Hello!

Matt here. I've made forays into the world of blogging in the past, but it never stuck with me - the first post on most of them read something like this first sentence actually. I read a number of blogs on a daily basis, mostly having to do with the on-line role playing industry and games such as Everquest II and World of Warcraft. I also keep current on a number of webcomics, update Facebook regularly, and in general find the Internet a very comfortable place to be.

I'm a California native who, almost two years ago now, made the switch to the East Coast. After spending nearly 28 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, the adjustment to living in Boston has been a long one. But I'm getting there, and enjoying everything New England has to offer.


Christine said...

Hi Matt,

It is a beautiful time to live in Boston. I live in NH. This autumn has been particularly beautiful.

I'm glad you are comfortable with blogging. I may need some support throughout the course. I am a newbie.

What on earth is Everquest and Warcraft?


Sarah Crossman said...

Hi Matt,
I'm a closet video game fiend too! My husband and I have managed to collect just about every game system - XBox, Wii, not to mention PCs. Our favorite games are Rock Band (Xbox), MarioKart and Zelda (Wii), and I love project games like Zoo Tycoon and the Sims. My husband is trying to get me to try Warcraft but I'm almost afraid to - if I get hooked I'll never do my schoolwork!
Great job on your blog; I like the "What I'm Reading..." list. I'm looking forward to reading your blog as we move forward.


Carolina Ortega said...

You must be having the same experience I had when I went to school near Boston. Being from Venezuela where is always summertime made me feel homesick because of the weather, but I finally ended up spending five years of my life in New England. I miss that time and go back every-time I can.